"Every fish hanging on a fishing rod is beautiful." Do you agree?

What is your favourite love story and why?

Is there a difference between love stories and reality? If yes, what is it?

Is there a love song for every love in your life?

What is your favourite love song?

How many real loves does one have in life? Is there a limit in number or age?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Has it happened to you?

Where have you met your lovers?

Is there a city or place for lovers?

Where would you like to go with your lover?

How would your room4love look like?

Is the heart the home of love? Or where else in your body is love located?

Why is there something like love?

Do you think it is destiny to meet someone?

And then, is it also destiny when what seemed like love was only a crush?

Can there be friendship after love?

Do you wish to fall in love again?


Good luck for your love!
Steffi Jüngling